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Thai Meira manufactures and supplies High Strength bolts, Precision Fastening parts and Cold Forming parts.

Our main customer is the automotive industry, where our products are used as critical links for engine, brake, suspension and chassis components.

We supply our products and services to customers not only in Thailand, but also in other countries, as well as to customers in other industries.


Our mission is to be the Leader of the Fastening Bolts Business in Southeast Asia , with the commitment to high quality products and excellent service for customer's needs.


Thai Meira Company Limited supplied high quality products, which are manufactured with the most advance technology and production control systems, and which are produced with a commitment to protecting and conserving the environment.

Quality   Policy

"We make excellent products which satisfy customer's needs and expectations in our quality, delivery and value"

Our   commitment   to   quality   is  completed

We select and use raw materials of the highest quality.

We Operate our integrated production system by using the highest technology and applying certified quality control systems.

We Manufacture our Product by using high-precision tools and computerized control systems to ensure dependable production and on-time delivery.

We develop our advanced production facilities by using sophisticated sensors to detect and eliminate parts not meeting our customer demands.

We deliver our products and services by emphasizing the protection and conservation of the environment.